Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Deals! Deals! Deals! Deals! Everybody!

I have been a bad, bad extreme couponer. Working, house hunting, and jet setting to Vegas has made it challenging to find any time for couponing! (I know, my life is so hard). Luckily, we've been so well stocked that it hasn't really been a problem. But after a nice crazy weekend in sin city, I need to replace a few thing so I'm hitting the sales at CVS. And, as our faithful readers (all 12 of you?) I wanted to give  you a heads up on a few good deals going down this week through Saturday that make a few things almost free or at least really cheap. Everyone loves a deal, especially if you've only got $20 in your pocket. Alright, let's pop some tags!

Physicians Formula make-up is amazing and has so many organic products. In fact, I'm wearing their organic mascara right now! This week if you spend $14, you get $10 in Extrabucks back which is like paying $4. Plus, there was a coupon for $1 off a few weeks back that if you still have makes the transaction extra magical.

I have been waiting for a CVS Purex sale for so long and it has finally come! Both the detergent and the gel packs are on sale for $2.88 and there's an instant $1 off coupon at the coupon machine. Plus, if you're like me, you've stock piled manufacturer's coupons for $1 off and will be scoring two of these for 88 cents each (between myself and Nate, my faithful couponing assistant).

Everyone loves minty fresh breath and Listerine mouthwash or Reach floss is on sale for $3.99 with $1 back in Extrabucks. Coupons for both of these products are everywhere, including online usually so you can definitely save an extra $1 which makes it like you paid $1.99.

Now despite spring being upon us, a weekend in Vegas casinos has brought on some serious sore throats in our household. Luckily, we can score two packages of Halls cough drops for $3 with $1 back in Extrabucks. Don't worry, I've got another $1 off coupon which is like paying $1 for two or 50 cents each! Goodbye tickle!

For those of you who may have picked up a few habits from me in the past, you should definitely combine these great deals with Extrabucks you already have! Remember, Extrabucks never expire! And always scan your bag tag because every 4 scans is another $1 in your pocket. If anyone is ready for the advanced course, do separate transactions so you can pay for the next with the Extrabucks you get back. You might be able to get all of this (and then some) for free! I've had $9 in Extrabucks burning a hole in my coupon folder and I'm ready: Look for my update later this week after I shop. In the meantime, I'd love to hear how everyone else's shopping goes. Happy couponing!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Meanness?

I'm typing this post from my plane to VEGAS and I still can't get over that you can have internet in the sky. I mean where is the wifi coming from? The clouds? Regardless, it's awesome, because there are still 2 more hours on the flight (how is that possbile waaah?!!) and the person in the row across from me is snoring so loud I can't put it into words. You know how I feel about snoring. Close. Your. Mouth.

But anyway, this gives me time to write a little blog post. It's short, not so sweet, but ends with free stuff so I figured it could had a place on this blog. Being that it is March Madness weekend, the collections of 40-something-year-old men trying to relive their college days is high on this flight. Maybe they are super rich and successful and feel entitled, but they are being so rude. The kind of rude that makes you uncomfortable and want to punch someone. Case in point: After putting up his carry-on suitcase into the overhead, the dude across from me asked the stewardess to also throw up his tiny lap top bag (despite the announcement just made that people should wait on small items until everyone has boarded and loaded their luggage). She repeated this mantra to him and he insisted his bag was small and pointed to a spot she could squeeze it into. She begrudgingly, but politely agreed, to which he responded, "Thank you, now you are being helpful". I actually watched her collect herself and try to remain calm so she didn't say something rude. Or slap him. She should have, he really deserved a good slap. She and I made eye contact, shared a "people are complete idiots smile", and we've been besties every since.

The moral of the story is that kindness goes a long way. Including all the way to a free rum and coke. Extra stiff. WITH a lime. Thank you Delta! Get over yourself 9E.

Monday, March 11, 2013

House Hunting Hoopla

Daylight savings weekend seems to be the unofficial start to spring, and in that spirit we went to our first open houses on Sunday. The weather was nice, despite the recent dump of snow, and it seemed a lot of people had the same idea we did. Some even had the same routes planned. We saw a range of houses: some without finished walls (or any walls at all for that matter) and some that were so updated they looked like an IKEA showroom in Dubai (if you saw the house this would make more sense). Because of all of this grown up "fun" we've been having, I thought I'd share our reflections on the home buying process thus far.

1. Every bank assumes you can't actually afford a house, have the worst credit on the planet, and are up to your eyeballs in debt.

We've talked with 3 banks so far and the conversations always start off the same. Here are a few highlights:
  • "Your debt ratio can only be 41%."
  • "Unfortunately you need good credit in order to qualify."      (Hey now, we have excellent credit!)
  • "You're a teacher? So you make what? 30K?"
  • "That'll put your monthly mortgage payments around $1800." (We pay $1640 in rent and it goes up to $1795 on 6/1)
After we establish that we are actually competent, rationale adults things proceed much smoother from there. But it's not over yet so I kind of want to make a T-shirt online with our financial stats. Thoughts?

2. People have terrible, crazy taste. I mean terrrrrrible. 

This one, let's be honest, is no surprise to anyone. But it is staggering how much junk people accumulate and how little people "design" their homes. Has no one been watching HGTV? You've got to stage, buddy! I can't imagine myself living in your house with a picture of your round, hairy, shirtless man circa 1984 on the dresser. It's March: your penguin Christmas decorations are distracting me!

3. Houses priced correctly sell FASTER than you can schedule a tour. (Literally!)

I've been saving houses we like on Redfin for open houses or future tours. Every day I log on I have to delete at least 1 house that now has a sale pending, just days after appearing on the market. How did they even get their paperwork together that quickly? Does everyone have a fairy downpaymentmother? Is there anywhere I can find one? 

Overall, it was exciting and overwhelming to look at houses, but we saw one we liked which was encouraging (we'll see how long our luck holds out). This is all just in time really, because our neighbor's "performances" are reallllly getting old.

Anyone have an entertaining house hunting stories of their own?