Saturday, January 12, 2013

Buca di Nada

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have some pretty bad luck. Dry sockets after getting my wisdom teeth out? Absolutely. Skin condition on my foot the dermatologist has never seen? Most definitely. Appeal a small speeding ticket in court? Cop actually shows up. I could go on. For days. And you know bad luck is contagious so poor Nate's spent almost half his life suffering too.

So when we went out on our date last weekend and had so much luck, it was shocking. Unnerving almost. And we should NOT have been lulled into a false sense of lucky security. While making our dinner plans last night, we double checked our Groupons. And there it was. A big old "redeemed" mark next to our Jerry Remy's Groupon. What?! You said we could come back! You said you were going to take care of us! How could you lie to us like that Albert?!

Right there, we should have known. We should have put the kibosh on dinner plans and stayed home to cook. But we had to run errands! And we're dumb! And we always have more hope! So, we made our dinner plans: Buca di Peppo with a $10 off $20 coupon. The place is great for this kind of deal because the dishes are for sharing so we could easily stick to a $20 budget and wind up paying half that. We dominated our errands. Bam! We started thinking about salad and pasta and bread, oh my! And we rolled up to Buca di Peppo around 9:30pm.

And we found NOTHING. That's right, good old Buca di Peppo of Dedham is closed. No, not it's 9:30pm closed, but rather we are no longer here at all closed. Really food gods? This late at night?

So now we panic. (And if you've ever seen a hungry Nate, you know exactly why I'm freaking out in that moment and worrying we might get divorced). We lay out the options. We have a Groupon to a steakhouse in Needham, but that's kind of far for this late at night. We have a thousand fast food coupons but we want to live past 40. So finally, after some hemming and hawing in the empty parking lot, we're forced to settle on going to TGI Friday's because it's around the corner, we have a coupon, and we can still eat for two for around $10.

This is where the post basically ends because 1) TGI Friday's isn't really that exciting and 2) We ate everything and forgot to take pictures. I will say however that a few years back I got some rewards card for free called "Stripes" which means we always get an appetizer of free homemade potato chips. We also earn rewards, but it's been 6 years and we still can't figure out where they are going. But wherever they are, there's a lot of them. In the end, our two meals and water (holla!) came to $17 and our $5 off $15 coupon helped us to pay just $13.64 plus tip to be exact. Better luck next time?

PS - We would like to thank our friends Kelly and Shaan for helping to make this dinner happen by gifting us another year of Entertainment Book for Christmas. Wait, what?! We don't have an entire book full of hundreds of coupons... that'd just be weird...


  1. We don't have one of those books either. That would just be weird for 20-somethings couples...

    So sorry to hear about our Buca!! Sad day!