Monday, January 28, 2013

Menage a Trois: Fuji Steakhouse Style

That's right folks, we've officially had our first blog dining threesome! This past weekend after a sweet tour of the Harpoon Brewery (who knew it was hiding out in Boston?!), Nate, myself, and our friend Jeremy went to Fuji Steakhouse in Needham to feast on hibachi, but really because we had a Groupon.

I'm going to be up front with you, as I was with Jeremy... after we were en route of course.  The reviews for this place are not stellar. It's one of those strange situations that pop up from time to time where the reviews are either 1's or 5's. Basically people either hated it and got food poisoning or thought it was the greatest food on Earth. This isn't the first time I've run into this situation with Yelp! or that type of website. It usually happens when there are reviews from a while ago and newer reviews now that the restaurant got its act together. I was really hoping that the latter described the situation with Fuji Steakhouse. I really hate food poisoning and I know for a fact that Nate agrees (Dunkin Donuts flashback anyone?) 

One of the best things about Jeremy, and a big reason he was the perfect person for our Groupon threesome, is that he's a really good sport and pretty much eats anything just like Nate. So he agreed to go despite the rather iffy ratings. Huzzah! And while I won't lie and say it was the greatest food on Earth, it was good enough and no one got sick. A real win all around I'd say! 

(My apologies for the terrible picture quality. 
Once we get picked up by TLC we'll be able to hire a much needed professional photographer) 

Since we live near Kikuyama, we're a bit spoiled in the hibachi experience. They always put on a great show there and all the entrees come with fried rice at no extra cost. Plus, they have the best worst karaoke in their basement and it's those little things that make a meal. Now unfortunately, Fuji didn't have that, but it did have 352 pictures of Ally Raisman, 1 photo of Jessica Simpson (what?!), and a few random baseball players that no one cares about. Fine, maybe they are popular but I don't care. It also has :: drum roll please :: the best strangest goldfish pond ever. The pond is partitioned off by red velvet ropes like you see at fancy night clubs. I kid you not. Clearly, these are some VIP fish. As I sit here typing this now I'm so mad at myself that I didn't take a picture of it. My description isn't doing it justice and I don't think you're laughing hard enough at the spectacle. Just go see it for yourself. If you hate hibachi you can go to Treat next door and decorate your own cupcake. With candy. In the frosting. What are you waiting for!?! Normal business hours? Please! Cupcakes wait for no one. 


  1. So how many Aly Raisman pictures? Okay, okay. I'm really glad no cases of food poisoning ensued.

  2. I am no stranger to food poisoning, and this place was not even close to delivering it. I actually enjoyed the food quite a bit (though the upcharge for Fried Rice was annoying) and would probably rate it a 3 on Yelp! for anyone interested. Maybe a 3.5 if you factor in that they had the Celtics vs. Heat game on TV.

  3. YOU ATE CUPCAKES WITHOUT ME?!?! That's it... we're done! Also nowhere can ever beat Kikuyama (unless there is a Build Me Up Buttercup medley and a knife fight)